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Learn to LOVE the Chaos

Has the COVID-19 virus sparked a wildfire of projects in your organization?

Projects you thought you had more time to complete? More time to plan?

An urgent or rush project is very much like a troubled project in a number of ways; and that is good for you! How so you ask? Simple; we know how to handle trouble projects, how to thrive in chaos and confusion, therefore we know how to handle rush and urgent just as well.

Let me share with you a few simple tips we have learned over the years of rescuing and recovering troubled projects.

1. A war room is essential. A common space where cross functional team members can be together to collaborate and problem solve in real time. During the time of social distancing we simply accomplish this with GoToMeeting or Zoom or other conferencing and screen sharing platforms like this. Create the virtual war room and get to work.

2. Over communication is required in times of urgent and chaos. Understanding the full roles and responsibilities of those on the team, as well as a clear and open communication channel to executive leadership who may be called upon to make some tough decisions, or required to communicate to the end user community. Morning, mid-day, and evening touch points or status calls are essential. Have the meetings, document the minutes, and send them out.

3. Strong leadership is the final ingredient to making this rush, urgent chaos project. Make sure your project manager has the experience to handle the chaos. Ensure their emotional intelligence is strong, their encouragement is regular, their decisions come swift, and the checks and balances they put in place still protects overall quality.

If there is one thing that I have learned with my many years of working in troubled projects its that no tool or technique will ever rescue a project or reduce the chaos. Its always the leadership skills that when applied correctly turns the team around first and the project second. It’s the calm cool head that prevails.

Learn to love the chaos like I have and nothing will phase you. Stay safe my friends!

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