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What is your 2020 Leadership Mirror Telling You?

Whether a brand-new leader or a seasoned veteran of 20+ years, a new year gives a perfect opportunity to think about who you want to be as a leader, both at work and at home; but first, we need to lead ourselves.

The idea of self-leadership is often a challenge for most. I hear it in phrases like:

“I am one way at work and another way at home.”

“Based on this position they have no choice but to follow.”

“I’ve done this before, they will see.”

Three great phrases to emphasize simple concepts with self-leadership mastery.

Lead by Example – Lead like everyone is watching (because they are).

From the moment we leave the privacy of our bedroom as leaders we are being monitored and studied. If we are the leader of a family, our children are watching and learning, at the office our staff and team members are watching, learning, and often judging. A simple reminder of this fact should send a shock wave down your spine with the realization that so many people are looking to learn from you! So…. Be the person who they can best learn from. Lead by example. Show more and tell (talk) less. Create a culture that promotes learning, allow others to see your continual development. Set the standards you want for your organization by first following them yourself. Allow your team the opportunity to learn from you, see you in action, and give them the space to ask questions about why you do what you do.

Your Position is not important, in fact, just forget yourself and change your focus.

Leaders that rely on their position or titles are leaders who either don’t care or are so new they have no other training or experience to back them. Forget yourself. Forget about your position or title. Don’t worry about what people might think about you and be who you really are. Learn to become the best version of that. Draw from past positive experiences when you worked for someone you respected, emulate those positive traits. You will make mistakes, learn from those, and most importantly share those lessons so others can avoid similar. By parking your title at the door and being authentic with your interactions, you will soon find your team wants to follow you because of who you are and not that title.

Define your leadership, share your vision with the team.

As leaders we are called upon to make tough decisions. There will be times in our leadership career that we will experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows. During these moments we are vulnerable, and people can see us for who we really are. Our character is not made during this time, its displayed. These are the moments when we need to be more open with our team then we probably want to be. Our team is watching, they are looking to us as leaders to work through the tough time, come out successful, and most importantly share our lesson. Only then can we begin to share our vision for leadership. Once we have action to back our words, our message of vision can begin to be realized and take seed in the minds of our team. While we can share an idea of our vision early in our tenure, it’s only after we back it with action that the reality begins to take hold. Define your leadership and demonstrate.

Lead by example, forget yourself and your position, and define your leadership. Simple concepts that we often need to remind ourselves about daily – not just once a year. Start today.

Brian Munroe, PMP, CSM, CSPO

Creator of the Rescue My Project program for Troubled Projects. Over 20+ years’ experience with PMO development, Program & Project Management, as well as custom training development & delivery.

Brian is an International speaker who loves to share his experiences with audiences from around the world on topics ranging from recovering troubled projects, cultivating & nurturing highly effective teams, to developing leadership qualities and practical skills for leaders new or experienced. His talks are engaging with key lessons learned and practical take-aways.

Brian and the team at MTI Global Group are ready to take on your toughest troubled projects, your largest implementations, and your complex and quite possibly chaotic situations; we welcome it all.

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