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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As someone who has worked from home (WFH) for almost 20 years now I am excited to see people posting their new WFH setups and talking about how they are adjusting.

I also commend the companies that are embracing this. I know some out there would never thought it possible, but when you step outside that comfort zone, even as an organization, cool and productive things happen! Well done!

For those of you new to experience I have 3 simple tips I want to give you for maximizing your success.

1. Stay socially connected to your team and your co-workers. Use tools like Zoom, Skype, Slack, FaceTime, iMessage, etc. to remain socially active. Often times I find myself sitting on a quiet conference bridge until someone needs to say something. While we are working, we talk about sports, family, all the things you would normally be chatting about while physically working together.

2. Remain professional. Yes, I know this sounds funny, but I am simply reminding you that if you are called on to a video conference suddenly it would be helpful that your hair is neat and tidy, and your shirt is clean and professional looking. But if that professional top is paired with some Bermuda shorts – you are all good, no one will see that. Ensure your space is as free from distractions and background noise as much as possible. The microphones on most quality headsets now can pick up a significant amount of your background noise, more than you would think.

3. Know when to stop. Make sure you are taking physical breaks, leaving your space, drinking water or coffee/tea/soda, whatever, and just taking a break. At the end of the day – walk away. One of the key challenges for us veteran WFH types is we can quickly become workaholics, not knowing when to call it a day and walk away. You will need the personal recharge just as if you had left the office for the day.

I hope this was helpful – by all means post any comments, questions or suggestions below.

We are all in this together! - Brian

Brian Munroe, PMP, CSM, CSPO

Creator of the Rescue My Project program for Troubled Projects. Over 20+ years’ experience with PMO development, Program & Project Management, as well as custom training development & delivery.

Brian is an International speaker who loves to share his experiences with audiences from around the world on topics ranging from recovering troubled projects, cultivating & nurturing highly effective teams, to developing leadership qualities and practical skills for leaders new or experienced. His talks are engaging with key lessons learned and practical take-aways.

Brian and the team at MTI Global Group are ready to take on your toughest troubled projects, your largest implementations, and your complex and quite possibly chaotic situations; we welcome it all.

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