Speech is Power: Speech is to Persuade,

to Convert, to Compel.

Leadership & Project Management Speaker

Our goal is to share our experiences. We offer workshops, seminars, webinars, keynote addresses, and conference speaking for PMI chapters, educational institutions, private and public corporations around the world.

Our speaking topics are based on real world applicability and bridges the gap between high level theory and the reality of our daily work. The courses are deliberately designed such that participants can return to their jobs the very next day and immediately start using what they learned. We are committed to customizing our training offerings to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.


•Rescue My Project™Introduction

•Turning an Ostrich into a Canary - Suppression Factors​

•How to be a Micromanager Without Being a Jerk

•Anatomy of a Rescue Project Manager

•Project Managers are not a Dime a Dozen

•Leadership Gold - Leading Every Day, Not Just Day-by-Day

•Alpha Project Management

•7 Core Leadership Traits

•Power of Delegation

•Everyone Communicates - Few Connect

•So You Failed - What's Next  

Keynote Speaking:

•Trouble Finds Even the Best Teams

NOTE: Most training topics can be customized into full workshops and keynote presentations for your events