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Healthcare Project Management and Process Improvement Uniquely Tailored for You
Managing complex healthcare projects requires specialized expertise. We offer services uniquely tailored to healthcare organizations. We've partnered with hospitals, clinics, and health systems to ensure major initiatives stay on track.
Our healthcare project management experts identify risks, optimize resources, facilitate collaboration, and align stakeholders. Whether you're undertaking an EHR implementation, expansion, merger, or any large-scale healthcare project, we have the experience to guide you through seamlessly. Count on us for the insights and support you need to succeed.

Portfolio/Project Management  

We oversee all aspects of project and portfolio management including planning, execution, monitoring, and closure to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.  We create a detailed project plan mapping out phases, tasks, timelines, and resource allocation. We would manage the budget, provide status reporting, oversee the workstreams, and ensure on-time delivery within budget. 

We examine the step-by-step experiences of providers and patients to improve satisfaction and outcomes. We conduct interviews and shadowing to understand pain points in the patient experience, such as long wait times, confusing parking, or difficulty scheduling appointments. We would map out steps patients take to identify opportunities to improve satisfaction. 


Clinical Operations Assessment 

We review clinical workflows, processes, and systems to identify opportunities to improve quality and efficiency of care delivery. We review workflows for ordering exams, referrals, and scheduling. We would analyze performance metrics to highlight bottlenecks impacting turnaround times, utilization, and costs. We would interview staff to identify challenges and improvement ideas. 


Clinical Education & Process Improvements  

We enhance clinical capabilities and processes through tailored education programs and workflow optimization. For an EHR optimization project, we would analyze usage data to identify common pain points. We would develop on-demand training resources and tip sheets customized for different user personas and roles. We would recommend workflow changes to improve efficiency. 


Clinical Data Visualization 

We present clinical data in interactive dashboards to identify trends and derive insights to inform decisions. We integrate data from EHRs, billing, pharmacy, and more to create interactive dashboards tracking KPIs like patient volume, revenue cycle metrics, infection rates, and chronic disease management. This would enable data-driven decisions. 


Clinical Workflow Audits & Improvements 

We optimize clinical workflows by eliminating redundancies and bottlenecks to improve productivity. We observe and time workflow steps to identify redundancies across handoffs between nurses, physicians, and other departments. We would develop streamlined protocols and checklists to increase productivity. 


Clinical IT Assessments & Implementations  

We assess clinical IT systems and deploy innovative solutions to enhance care delivery and patient safety. We audit the technology ecosystem and evaluate new solutions to address identified gaps, like telehealth, patient portals, and data integration tools. We would manage the end-to-end implementation and adoption of new systems. 


HIPAA/Data Security Assessments & Implementation  

We evaluate and implement controls to safeguard protected health information and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. We conduct comprehensive assessments of healthcare organizations' compliance with HIPAA rules for safeguarding protected health information. Based on identified gaps, we recommend and implement enhanced data security controls, policies, staff training, and other measures to fully protect patient privacy per HIPAA regulations 

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